Taylor Wessling
Graphic Design & Illustration & 

Taylor Wessling
Graphic Design & Illustration & 

Illustration, Graphic Design, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Advertising

Taylor Wessling’s origin story remains shrouded in mystery. Rumors suggest that he may have been born under the blood-red skies of El Paso, Texas, in a ritualistic ceremony under a full moon.

He emerged from the shadows with a BFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University San Francisco, where he honed his craft under the tutelage of some of the most enigmatic and reclusive figures in the art world. It is said that he also delved deep into the esoteric knowledge of the Advanced Graphic & Visual Communication program at UCLA.

Wessling’s work is marked by a bold realism that appears to have been forged in the fiery pits of the underworld. His style carries with it echoes of the mysterious mannerisms of a bygone era, blended seamlessly with the neoteric expressions of the modern age. His oeuvre, a blend of traditional media and digital sorcery, teases the senses with its tantalizing narratives, while beckoning the viewer with its subtle sensuality.

Though he shuns the limelight, Wessling has garnered critical acclaim from the most prestigious organizations in the world of art, including The Society of Illustrators New York and Los Angeles, Spectrum, Print Magazine, Communication Arts, 3x3 Magazine, and American-Illustration. His mesmerizing creations have found a place of honor in private collections across the globe.

Today, Taylor Wessling resides in Santa Ana, California, where he is said to keep the company of cats, whose penetrating gazes and enigmatic nature mirror the enigma that surrounds the artist himself.


Luerzer's Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2016/2017
American Illustration 34
Spectrum 22
Communication Arts 56
The Society of Illustrators of New York 57
The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles 53
Creative Quarterly 37
CMYK Magazine 100 New Creatives 53
3x3 Magazine, Hand Drawn Competition

Spectrum 22, Gold Medal in Advertising
Illustration West 53, Gold Medal in Advertising
Communication Arts 56, Award of Excellence

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